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10 Ways to Prepare Yourself and Your Gear For The XC Ski Season

The leaves have started to fall and you might catch yourself day dreaming about blue wax days on the XC ski trails. But have you done the necessary prep this summer and fall to be ready to go once the snow flies? Here are our top 10 tips to make sure you are as prepared as possible for another ski season.

Preparing yourself

1. Being Active

Make the most of the dry conditions on the hiking trails while they last - get out there and do some running, hiking, biking, roller skiing, etc. Making sure your endurance and cardiovascular fitness are in top shape. This is one of the biggest factors that will make your transition onto ski trails easier and more enjoyable.

2. Exploring is Knowledge

As you keep active until the snow comes, use this time to explore some of the local ski trails. Though they may look drastically different right now, exploring them will leave you feeling confident and comfortable when they become ski trails again.

3. Look into Ski Groups

Interested in racing this year or just training with new friends? Use this preseason time to research teams or clubs in your local area. Inquire with them to see what activities they offer and which one will be the best fit for your goals. If you’re unsure of the local clubs feel free to stop by the store and we can chat with you about them.

Maybe racing isn’t in the cards for you this year but you are interested in improving your technique. Lessons are a great way to learn new skills out on the trails either in a group or 1on1 if that’s what you prefer. If Lessons are the way you’d like to go, our beginner xc lesson schedule is available on the website under ‘events’.

4. Build those muscles

Prepare your body and your muscles for the strength needed to propel you through the tracks by spending a few days a week in the gym. Building that muscle ahead of time means you’ll feel stronger and more control on the trails.

5. Never skip arm day

You may think that you just need to work your legs in the gym since they are the body part attached to the skis. But your arms are just as important! Work in a day or two focusing on building strength in your arms, back and core. All of these muscles work in combination with your legs to propel you forward through the snow.

6. Learn before you go

Just because there isn’t snow yet doesn’t mean we have to wait to think about XC skiing. Use this down time to watch some refresher YouTube videos or new technique videos. This will give your brain lots of time to think about them, and mentally prepare yourself to try some new things or simply just remember how to ski when you head out for the first time.

Preparing your skis

7. Removing storage wax

If you are experienced with waxing and have the tools, you can remove the summer’s storage wax and re-wax them with a fresh base for the new season.

8. Wax your skis

Don’t stress yourself out by waiting to wax your skis the day before you want to go out – do them early so you can take advantage of early grooming. Alternatively, bring your skis in to the store to get waxed when you have some extra time before it snows.

9. Gear Check

Your gear has been sitting for many months. Spend some time taking it all out and checking to make sure nothing was left damaged after last season. Do you have any waxes you need? Proper gloves? Good clothes? Make sure that everything is set to go so your first ski can be a stress free experience.

Preparing your family and friends

10. Having the talk.

With so many trails to explore and long fun days ahead, you’ll have to warn your family that you will be around less. Why stay at home when there are beautiful local trails to explore?! Or better yet, just bring them along for the adventure! We offer a variety of different xc ski rentals that are perfect for people who aren’t ready to get their own gear, or want to try out some higher end gear.

Hopefully these 10 ways to prepare yourself for the xc ski season will help you feel calm and ready to stride and glide once the snow gets here.!

If you have any other great ways you prepare for ski season every year we’d love to hear from you!


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