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How to Enjoy Skiing in Cold Weather

Sometimes the snow gods give us great new snow but just as the weather turns extra cold. Don’t let the cold get you down! We’ve put together our go-to cold day skiing packing list so you can make sure you’ve got all your bases covered.


Keep the heat in from the top down. Making sure you ears, face, neck and head are warm is one of the most important places to start with. Having frozen ears or a chilly face can force an early end to a great ski day.

-    Buffs: are an extra add on that double as a neck warmer and a face warmer if you pull them up over your nose (see the in your pack section for another Buff tip). Remember that you can always wear more than one!

-    Toques: insulated toques are a great way to keep your noggin warm as well as your ears.

-    Face covers: these can vary from a Buff pulled up across your face, to fuzzy face covers or full balaclavas - all great options to keep more skin covered and warm. The more you cover, the less heat escapes, the cozier you are and the longer you can ski!

Body: Layers, Layers, Layers

It's important to have a variety of layers to wear or bring with you on a cold day. Start with warm base layers to keep you body heat trapped in. Then you can add on warmer mid layers that can be easily taken on or off to better control your body temperate as you start to exert yourself skiing.

One of our favourite outer jacket layers are the Rab Neutrino and Rab Positron - these jackets are super well insulated and light enough to take on your adventures without sacrificing warmth. 


Cold toes are a guaranteed ski day ender. Socks, boot warmers and toe heaters are going to be your best friends.

-    Warm socks: Will keep your toesies warm and insulated within your boot. Making sure that your socks stay dry will also help a lot – remember that moisture means ice in the cold.

-    Boot covers: Are designed to keep all your natural body heat locked inside your boots while providing an extra layer that keeps out the wind and snow. These are a great affordable solution to keep your feet even warmer on those extra cold days – they work even better in conjunction with a pair of toe warmers.

In your Pack:

Skiing with a pack helps provide you with a variety of gear options and adjustments even when you are deep into the ski trails. Not only can you pack extra snack but you can also pack backup gear to guarantee you keep as warm as possible.

-    An extra base layer: a great option to have and throw on if you're feeling chilly. Also valuable to switch out for a base layer that has gotten wet due to over exertion or wearing a couple too many layers

-    Hand warmers: Another quick solution to throw in your gloves or shirt pockets for some instant extra heat.

- Extra Buff: As you ski, the Buff you're wearing will become wet with your breath then freeze. Having an extra one in your pack to swap out halfway through will keep your skin warm and dry!

- Insulated bottles and ski packs: Are a fantastic way to keep warm liquid with you and provide some warmth from the inside out. Hydration is particularly important in colder weather and actually helps keep you warmer.

Hopefully this list will help you break down the essential areas to keep warm and pack for on your next cold day adventure.

If you have any unique secrets that you use to keep warm we’d love to hear from you! Happy Trails!


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