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Chromoly steel is nickel-plated to prevent rust and front teeth are milled with three different angles for fastest penetration  Angled lever arm provides clearance during placement. A unique hanger rotates independently on the shaft, ensuring the force of a fall is applied at the optimal angle. The Radion features a reverse angle on the threads (flat side towards the ice), to distribute pressure more uniformly in brittle ice. Placing a Radion is greatly simplified by the aggressive front teeth, an ultra-smooth shaft, and a stiff lever arm with a rotating knob.

Radion Ice Screw

  • It is Important to us that you get the right gear with the right fitting for what you do (or want to do), so we don’t do online sales. Please fill out the order form by clicking the button above to start the order process - we will then contact you to confirm your order and send you an online invoice.

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