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The Redster S9 Gen S Atomic is totally reimagining ski construction and design for the skate discipline improving handling, and increasing power through the kick for a longer and more efficient glide.
 To compliment this new construction!
 A deeper sidecut with a wider tip and tail, called Speedline, provides more power to the kick and maximum stride efficiency.
 A completely reengineered sidewall construction, Racewall, increases energy transfer for more power transmission and enhanced stability.
 And with these construction changes, the Redster S9 Gen S comes in only one length, 183 cm, known as Speedscale.
 This single shorter length improves agility and maneuverability for skiers of all heights and skills.
 Gone are the days of multiple skis in different lengths. One size fits all is now a literal reality in the world of skate skiing.

Redster S9 Gen S Skate Skis + Shift-In Skate Bindings

  • It is Important to us that you get the right gear with the right fitting for what you do (or want to do), so we don’t do online sales. Please fill out the order form by clicking the button below to start the order process - we will then contact you to confirm your order and send you an online invoice.

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